50 shades of chaos in e-commerce

Let’s face it: performance marketing can be chaotic. And when we say chaotic we mean endless spreadsheets, countless advertising campaigns, and massive headaches.

What does this chaos look like in real-life businesses? And most importantly - how can you as an entrepreneur manage this mess?

Imagine this:

You run an e-commerce company that primarily focuses on selling products via Facebook and Google. One day, your team starts advertising headphones.

They set up two campaigns on Facebook - one for targeting potential clients and one for retargeting. They set up a few Google campaigns as well: a display campaign, a search campaign, a discovery campaign … You know, the whole shebang.

Next step: results. There is no time for amateur hour. That’s why your team starts merging bottom-line numbers from Facebook and Google to see if you’re making a profit or a loss. And of course, they have to do everything by hand. Hello, spreadsheets!

But the calculating party doesn’t end there. Because you are also aware that Facebook’s data can fluctuate up to 30% and ad results are not always up-to- date, your team double checks those figures as well. OH, BOY.

What does this mean for your company?

To put it plainly: before you can even begin to think about tweaking, scaling and optimizing your campaigns, you must first get real results. Does that seem like a lot of work? Of course. But what if you advertise more than one product? On several accounts? On different markets?

Alert: system failure!

Looking at the massive amount of calculating e-commerce brings your way, we know there will come a time when you will say to yourself: “I don’t really need numbers. I’ll just use my best judgment when it comes to advertising.”

If we haven’t made it clear by now, we’ll say it again for those in the back:

“You need to know your numbers!”

We know that having a pretty Instagram feed and getting memes retweeted on Twitter might seem super important to you. And don’t get us wrong - these things matter. But if you are an e-commerce business that operates with BIG budgets, one thing that matters even more is results.

  • What is your overall ROAS?
  • How is your CPO looking?
  • How many Facebook orders yesterday?
  • What about Google?

These questions might not be the fun ones, but they are the important ones. These are the questions that will get your business to the next level. These are the questions that you need to know if you want to make money.

So, making decisions based on your gut? BAD

Making decisions based on data? GOOD

But how on earth are you gonna stay on top of your results? With different campaigns, different products, different accounts, different target CPOs, different markets? What about merging the results from Google and Facebook? And let’s not forget about that little minx called:

Hello, chaos my old friend.

We can say it confidently: if you advertise different products on different platforms, you’ve probably missed a few great scaling opportunities by now, simply because you didn’t see them. And we don’t blame you - no one can do it all. It’s simply too much.

What we’ve learned:

  • Staying on top of your advertising results might be chaotic, but it is crucial for success.
  • Merging results from different advertising platforms will give you a better insight into the state of your company.
  • E-commerce businesses can only be truly successful when relying on data.

What to do now?

Hire more people that would take care of the analyst side of marketing. That could work. If you want to be more efficient, think about using a tool that works as the Marie Kondo of performance marketing. One that will organize and merge numbers from every shop, account and give you fresh and updated results every few minutes. Does this sound like something that sparks joy?

ROAS monster organizes results and takes care of the chaos that comes along with performance marketing. It gives you a real insight into your business and helps you make informed decisions that result in an increased number of sales.

And isn’t this what every e-commerce business dreams of?

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