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How Amonto brands reached +60% increase in conversions in 60 days

About the company

E-commerce business with multiple webshops

Sells health, beauty and home products

Over 20 employees, half working in marketing

Operates in several EU countries


“We knew that something wasn’t right, but couldn’t really put a finger on the problem. I don’t even want to know how much money we lost before we started looking at real CPO.”

Benjamin Perko
CEO, Amonto brands

The big, bad villain in this story? Incorrect pixel data.

Amonto brands ran their business based on wrong numbers. And you are probably doing it too.

As mentioned before, the majority of their income comes from Facebook and Google advertising.

They use target CPO and optimize ads based on that: they shut off all ads with CPO below the target. They base their decisions on pixel data.

And this is where it gets tricky: this data is often incorrect. In order to make the most of advertising, they need to look at their real CPO.

The difference between real and incorrect data can fluctuate up to 30%.

Jaw-dropping, right?


Before using ROAS monster, Amonto brands stagnated at 300 orders per day. In 60 days of using the tool, they reached a new record of 500 orders per day. Simultaneously their ROAS grew for 15% as well!

+60% conversions

+15% ROAS


When Amonto brands started using ROAS monster their advertising world turned upside down. In the best way possible.

ROAS monster combined their sales figures from Shopify and paid advertising results from Facebook and Google.

It then calculated their actual CPO, which allowed them to optimize better. Their order numbers started growing steadily.

We’ll say it louder for those in the back: real ROAS/CPO is the real deal!

“With the click of the button, we had access to our real CPO, which are the numbers that really matter. And that completely changed our advertising results.

Besides the amazing boost in numbers, ROAS monster also made our team more confident. Now we know that we base our decisions on facts. The team spirit in our office is awesome and I think we are all able to relax more!”

Benjamin Perko
CEO, Amonto brands

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