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How Amonto brands saved 30% of their ad budget

About the company

E-commerce business with multiple webshops

Sells health, beauty and home products

Over 20 employees, half in marketing

Operates in several EU countries


Being a thriving e-commerce business, Amonto brands make most of their revenue by advertising on Facebook. Their advertisers are a huge part of their business performance, seeing as they are the ones who create the ads. When a company of this size advertises in over 10 ad accounts, it gets hard to know which employees bring in the most orders and what their actual results are.

“Every CEO or head of marketing needs to be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of their employees. It is important to know which team members can be trusted with bigger tasks and which ones need a little bit of help or encouragement.”

Benjamin Perko, Amonto brands


Before ROAS monster, Amonto brands’ CEO spent multiple hours per week in review meetings and struggled calculating results of individual advertisers. ROAS monster allowed him to identify the team’s strongest and weakest links in a matter of seconds.

Using the Advertiser feature, he got merged results of individual advertisers and saw who has the best ROAS or CPO, who makes the most ads, who needs further instructions, etc.

Benjamin used that information to motivate his most successful advertisers and give further instructions to the ones that weren’t doing so good.

Benjamin was also able to evaluate advertisers that were in charge of ad optimization and learnt that one of his employees kept shutting off ads, even though their ROAS was still high.

After that advertiser started to scale those ads instead of stopping them, the results additionally improved.

“The Advertiser feature saves so much time, because I see merged results of all my employees and am able to have quicker and more efficient one-on-one reviews with them. This motivates my employees, gives them more clarity about their results and improves their confidence.”

Benjamin Perko
CEO, Amonto brands


Benjamin could now easily identify who is making a profit or generating a loss. If he sees that someone is not successful, he can assign them different products to advertise.

At the same time, employees feel more motivated and try harder. In turn, the company’s results improved as well.

It was a multiple win situation.

Happy management + happy employees = better results + improved office well-being

Even Einstein would agree that this is the most beautiful equation.

+100% satisfaction

+30% conversions

+30% ads created

+100% productivity

30% budget saved due to more insight into the ad optimization process

5h/weeksaved on review meetings

“Honestly, I can’t even imagine going back to working like we used to. Everything runs so smoothly now and I notice a huge satisfaction boost in employees as well.”

Benjamin Perko
CEO, Amonto brands

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