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How LoneWolf increased their ROAS by 19%

About the company

E-commerce business with multiple online shops

Sells beauty, garden and fashion products

Main sales channel is Facebook

Operates in the EU


Being an e-commerce badass comes with a price. As LoneWolf’s business grew, so did their load of work.

Imagine having multiple webshops and advertising them in different ad accounts. Each shop sells different products and each product has its own target CPO. This means that product A has a target CPO of $5, while product B has a target CPO of $20 and so on.

You would think it ends here. Oh, no. Product A is sold in multiple countries, which means that their CPO differs from one country to another.

Chaotic, to say the least.

How did they handle that?

The team advertised and optimized based on their best judgement. It was impossible to keep track of every number. The load of work was simply too much for them to handle.

And what happened at the end of the month? The dreaded monthly report came in.

20% of their monthly advertising budget was lost. Yikes.

“When I saw that we were wasting almost one-quarter of our budget for nothing, I knew something had to be done.”

Rok Skupek, CEO


LoneWolf started using ROAS monster in order to understand where they were losing money. One of the key features that helped them reach their goal was WINNERS AND LOSERS, which helps e-commerce businesses keep track of their profits and losses at all times.

So, what did it do for LoneWolf?

“A lot, actually. It saved us a lot of time and a lot of money. It allowed us to see exactly which products were bringing in money and which were not.”

Rok Skupek, CEO

Losers, step aside

ROAS monster located all their money eaters. It showed them exactly where they were under your target so they could decrease their budget, change the creatives, or improve their product pages. And most important - do that before it’s too late.

Winners, identify yourselves

ROAS monster served them their best sellers on a silver platter. It pinpointed the products with the best ROAS (or CPO), gave them a chance to increase their budget confidently and skyrocket their sales.

One thing I was particularly impressed with was seeing how many hidden scaling opportunities we have been missing. I was shocked. When we started using WINNERS AND LOSERS, we were able to see all the campaigns that could be (and should be) scaled. Those were the products that were performing well, but were forgotten. Once we scaled our winners, everything changed for the better.

Rok Skupek, CEO


Using ROAS monster, LoneWolf was able to successfully scale their ads and increase their ROAS by 19%!

+19% ROAS

+21% revenue

Before using WINNERS AND LOSERS, LoneWolf used to operate using their best judgment. Now they just open ROAS monster and … BAM! They immediately see which products need urgent attention.

What about other benefits?

“We used to be all over the place. Now everything is far more organized and clear. Every team member knows which task is prioritized and as a result, our company productivity improved. Looking back, I can say that ROAS monster has really changed the way we do business for the best.”

Rok Skupek CEO, LoneWolf

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