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How LoneWolf upgraded their Google Ads game

About the company

E-commerce business with multiple online shops

Sells beauty, garden and fashion products

Main sales channel is Facebook, followed by Google

Operates in the EU

“Our main sales channel is Facebook, but a large chunk of our sales still comes from Google Ads. That is why we have to keep a close look at this platform as well. Needless to say, that was not always an easy thing to do.”

Rok Skupek, CEO


Let’s see how LoneWolf handled advertising on their Google Ad accounts before using ROAS monster.

LoneWolf advertises around 30 different products on any given day. They use target CPO to determine when they break even.

Their products are advertised in 5 different countries and each product’s target CPO is tailored to the country where the ads are shown. This means that they have a total of 150 different scenarios to consider. Wow.

Not to mention they use different types of Google Ads campaigns, such as Search, Display, YouTube … It can be a lot to handle.

“We were biting off more than we could chew. We started hiring more people, but the chaos remained.”

Rok Skupek, CEO

What does chaos mean for business?

Well, it ain’t good news. If you don’t have the time to closely look at each campaign, there’s a good chance you are letting things slide. In all fairness, you’re probably losing money.

There is no surprise that happened to LoneWolf.


ROAS monster’s feature GOOGLE DASHBOARD gave the team a quick insight into all of their Google campaigns.

All of their Google results were suddenly merged together and they could see exactly how much money they spent & made on a specific product.

No more:

  • switching tabs
  • spreadsheets
  • chaos

“It’s amazing. We can immediately see results merged from all of our Google accounts and campaigns. We have control over everything and can see exactly how individual products are doing. Our results are merged by products, which means we are no longer losing our minds searching through various campaigns. We use charts to compare spend, ROAS, number of new ads, etc. so we can immediately spot bad results and act on those. To sum up, we are saving a lot of money thanks to ROAS monster.”

Rok Skupek, CEO


The outcome? See it for yourself.

+19% ROAS

+28% No. of orders

+26% Sales

What about other benefits?

Improved workflow

Less chaos

Increased productivity

What exactly did GOOGLE DASHBOARD do for LoneWolf?

“Well, my stress level has dropped significantly. I’m kidding, but not really. We saved a lot of time and can now focus on the things that matter. Our team works more effectively, we are not in panic mode all the time. I feel like I regained control over my business. Not to mention that the sales went up.”

Rok Skupek CEO, LoneWolf

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