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How MaxModi avoided hiring 3 new employees thanks to Full overview

About the company

E-commerce business with multiple webshops

Focused on lifestyle products

10 employees

In-house marketing using multiple advertising accounts


MaxModi Ltd is an e-commerce business with multiple shops and custom landing pages.

Their products are sold in multiple European countries with different currencies and heavily advertised on Google and Facebook.

The company makes most of their profits with online ads and has over 20 ad accounts, so tracking results is a major task for them, to say the least.

To sum up, they really struggle with seeing the bigger picture without getting lost in a sea of results.

Overview of their whole business allows them to make sure if their business is growing on a daily basis.

Overview of a single country allows them to identify their strongest markets and put more focus on weaker ones.

Overview of a single shop allows them to see if a shop is reaching their targets and track its total advertising activity.

Overview of a single product allows them to quickly zoom in on an individual product’s results without waiting for reports.

By getting all that information in one place, MaxModi’s team no longer has to struggle to combine results on their own and spend hours preparing reports that were always finished too late.

ROAS monster marks all their results in red, blue, or green, so the team knows exactly where they are over or under the line and can act accordingly.

“Using ROAS monster has allowed us to stay on top of our results and always know what our profits are in each shop, country and in total. Those are results that we previously had to struggle to get. For example, if we see a drop in sales on a certain shop, we check the amount of new ads for that shop and if that number is declining, we know exactly what to do to bring the sales back up. Something that we previously had to extract from several campaigns or even ad accounts is now available with two clicks. It is extremely refreshing to feel in full control of your business.”

Mario Kombo, CEO of MaxModi Ltd


By incorporating ROAS monster into their daily routine, MaxModi welcomed the following outcomes:

5x Faster analysis

10h LESS MEETINGS per week

33% of their BUDGET SAVED thanks to timely results


‘Once we started to use ROAS monster, we saw the biggest change in the way we work. We no longer needed to dedicate an excessive amount of time to results analysis and were able to assign 3 of our team members with different tasks. That drastically improved our productivity and saved us money since we didn’t have to expand our team.”

Mario Kombo, CEO of MaxModi Ltd

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