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If most of your profits come from paid advertising, you probably live in Ads Manager. Instead of checking results of individual ads, ad sets or campaigns, ROAS monster transforms how you see your data and attributes those numbers to individual products and shops. See all Facebook data in one place and stop wasting time applying filters, clicking through time periods, and switching accounts in Ads manager.

Unify Ads Manager results

Avoid switching accounts

Quickly spot changes in graphs

Merge all your Facebook ad accounts

Get consolidated ROAS and CPO

Focus on Facebook only

For companies that generate organic orders along with orders from ads, this is a great way to see pure Facebook data organized by sales and see how much you bring in with Facebook ads only.

Find winners and losers

ROAS monster automatically lists your shops and products by sales to give you a clear picture of your best and worst. Cut losses, scale wins and be confident about where you spend your marketing dollars.

See cost attribution

Facebook dashboard connects your products and costs to serve you total advertising results for individual products, shops or even markets – a metric you are unable to get in Ads manager.

Merged data

Instead of focusing on individual ad sets or ads, see bottom-line numbers of your whole Facebook ad activity or focus on individual shops and products. This is a great way to consolidate the results of products scattered across multiple campaigns or accounts.

Spot trends or anomalies

All your data is available in graphs as well, so you can see ups and downs through time and understand the reason behind changes.

Example: You sell seasonal products and have to stick to your target CPO of $10 in order not to lose money. It may be difficult to find that sweet spot when to stop advertising without wasting your budget. By tracking the product's performance with ROAS monster, you can use graphs and see exactly when the CPO starts to dangerously approach your target and decide to pull the plug before losing money.

See how this feature helped Amonto brands

Once I started using Facebook dashboard, I immediately benefited from merged data. When advertising products in more accounts, it is hard to really see your bottom-line success. This feature does just that for me. It automatically merges all ad data of a product or shop and puts my spend into perspective. I know where I am generating a loss or where it is safe to scale. This has completely changed the way I optimize ads and has resulted in a performance boost of 20%. I can no longer be satisfied with just Ads manager.

Benjamin Perko

CEO, Amonto brands

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