Facebook is simplifying ad campaign setup process

Attention everyone, this update is HUGE, and will affect everyone from agencies to advertisers. Read everything about the new Facebook ODAX, and what this means for advertising.

We have all seen it and experienced it, constant Facebook changes from adding, removing and changing functionality. As a result, the process of creating a campaign has become more complex and confusing. The “ODAX” update means that soon all of us will see completely new ad objective selection in Ads Manager. As Facebook is redesigning the objective-selection process in Ads Manager, known as ODAX, let’s first find out what ODAX actually is.

ODAX: Outcome-Driven Ad Experiences

Facebook is moving towards Outcome Driven Ad Experiences (ODAX). With the new update, selecting your desired outcome (the objective), the advertiser will be guided to the most optimal set - up. And no, it’s not just some fancy word for an update, but it is actually making things more simple within the ad creating process - imagine that on Facebook.

Ad creation process has gotten messier over the years, and ODAX (hopefully) is evidence of a cleaner and less confusing campaign setup. So the easiest way to explain this ODAX update is that objectives will be simplified.

As explained by Meta:

“In order to effectively guide advertisers to optimal campaign setups, we’re redesigning the objective selection experience when creating new campaigns in Ads Manager. We’re moving to an outcome-driven ad experiences model (ODAX), where advertisers can select their designed business outcomes (e.g. Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, Sales) and the interface will guide advertisers to the most optimal campaign setup/creation paths to achieve that outcome.”

The New Objectives

The biggest change will be moving from 11 campaign objectives, to 6 new objectives. and a move away from the ‘Awareness’, ‘Consideration’ ‘Conversion’ objectives, in order to make it clearer what each objective stream actually is.

With the new update comes new objectives:

So Facebook is basically merging different and similar objectives in one “main” objective, to make ad setup easier. Prior objectives will now move to a new objectives as follows:

Change is coming, which will impact your Facebook and Instagram ads process. It could be a good thing having a simplified ad set-up to better align with your desired objective, but keep in mind it could also be limiting in some ways.

Right now, this is all the info available to use, so to know if this update is the way to go, we will just have to wait.

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