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Facebook ad results finally merged

Get bottom-line results of your Facebook ads with just one click. That’s right. Track your tests, most used targets, creatives, or other ad elements to get assumption-free bottom-line results from multiple accounts.

Here are some ideas to test:

Creatives, starting budgets, CTAs, videos, ad types, copy, custom audiences, targets, discount codes, A/B tests, scaling techniques … you name it.

The possibilities are endless, really.

Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

Test Facebook ad creatives and settings.

Get bottom-line results based on real data.

Merge dispersed Facebook results from several accounts.

See which Facebook ad elements have the best results.

Learn what works best where.

Merge results from several ad accounts

Ad lab tracks name tags that you use, pulls data from all Facebook accounts, and serves you total results. Get the bigger picture and finally see what works and what doesn’t.

Example: When testing out different product videos, it is hard to rate the success of each one and consolidate ROAS or CPA, due to its dispersed use in various ads, campaigns, and accounts. It might work well in one ad account, but not so great in another. Ad lab tracks consolidated bottom-line results and gives an objective understanding of its success.

See if your budget is well spent

As soon as you start using ROAS monster, the app will pull up your past stats so you can evaluate your strategy. Do you always use a certain target? Rarely use lookalike audiences? Are you convinced that duplicating ads and just changing the creative works? You might learn that the ads that spend a significant amount of your budget are actually not as profitable as you have thought. Eliminate what’s unsuccessful and reallocate your budget smartly.

Discover lost revenue

Check which ads have been really successful in the past, but the orders have since dropped significantly. By shifting your focus back on those ads you can fill the revenue gap and boost your sales.

Example: You are checking stats for a specific audience, e.g. lookalike. Last month, you generated 500 conversions/day with a great ROAS, but they dropped to 200 since. When you check the number of new ads in ROAS monster, you learn that there were hardly any new ads made since then. That means you are missing out on big profits due to a standstill. Focus on that target and step up your game to bring back those daily 300 lost orders.

Learn what is most profitable

By checking the success of your ads, you can quickly learn which ads have the highest total ROAS or lowest total CPO. Focus on types of ads that work well and be confident about your strategy.

Find missed opportunities

Find ad targets or settings that are making a profit but their budgets have not been scaled yet. Focusing on those hidden gems will additionally boost your revenue.

Set up in no time

You probably already mark your ads, so why not use those name tags in your favor and check their success in ROAS monster. You might be surprised by what you see. What used to take a lot of scrolling and manual calculating is now served to you in just a few clicks.

Real people, real results

See how our clients used this feature.

Case study

See how this feature helped Mario

Being able to merge results of your Facebook creatives is life-changing. We used to patch up results from several accounts but we could never get a total ROAS or CPO of a creative, video, or other ad element. After using Ad lab, we were surprised to see that a couple of our “go-to” creatives were actually not as successful as we have thought. By reallocating those budgets we were able to scale ads that actually have a good ROAS, which boosted our profits.

Mario Gegic

CEO, MaxModi

Amazing stuff, right?

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