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Track your team’s success

See what your team members are up to and how they are doing. Track their results and check their productivity level in a selected time frame.

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Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

See advertisers' ROAS and CPO.

See their number of ads created.

Learn about advertisers' productivity.

Give advertisers access to their own results.

Follow teammates working remotely.

See ad count

ROAS monster creates scoreboards for each advertiser. Check the number of total, active and new ads/ad sets for different people and get an idea about their productivity.

Identify strongest and weakest links

Use those results to see where your advertisers excel and where they are not doing so well. Find the strongest and weakest links and re-assign tasks to optimize success rate.

Get advertiser’s ROAS and CPO

Have you ever wondered what an advertiser’s total ROAS and CPO are? For the first time ever, you are able to get bottom-line performance metrics of individual team members and really see who your breadwinners are.

Oversee remote employees

Have a better overview of work that is being done remotely and see which team members work better from home vs. the office.

User permissions

You can give your employees access to their own results or the results of all advertisers. Assign permissions and give managers an overview of all advertisers to improve reporting and one-on-one reviews.

Real people, real results

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Case study

See how this feature helped Benjamin

This year, we faced remote work for the first time. Being able to check on my team using ROAS monster helped our work process and saved us a bunch of emails and phone calls per day. Since our advertisers have access to ROAS monster, they can check which campaigns are in trouble, need new ads or need to be scaled, etc. Before ROAS monster, they needed to get all that information from our head of marketing, and things often got done too late or not at all due to a long analysis process. It also helps that I can check their results in ROAS monster at all times and get an idea about how they are doing, which puts me at ease while we are all out of the office.

Benjamin Perko

CEO, Amonto brands

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