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Single product’s results, merged from all accounts, countries, domains

Get a product’s bottom-line result that would take hours to calculate without ROAS monster. See total stats, merged from several ad accounts, shops, and platforms, or focus on individual results of a product on specific markets. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

Track product’s performance across countries and shops.

Base inventory orders on ROAS/CPO, not just sales.

See product's full life cycle.

Discover trends and predict future changes.

See real-time clustered data.

Save time previously spent for analysis.

Track unified product’s results

By pulling data from all your ad accounts, countries, and web shops, you can track a product’s performance on all levels. What would usually mean scouring through several accounts and combining results is now available with just a click.

Extend the life cycle of products

By following a product’s movements, you can learn about trends, set priorities, and know when it’s time to scale, optimize budgets or stop advertising completely. Don’t wait around for the monthly report and act when it matters most.

Optimize inventory and cash flow

Let your purchasing department follow the product’s real ROAS and CPO, not just the number of orders. By having that information, they can make informed decisions, adjust inventory orders, save money, increase cash flow, and prevent stock building up. Farewell, dusty storage.

Example: Your bestseller has been reaching approx. 500 orders per day for a month now. It seems like it is selling steady and you might be ready to restock. However, by examining its real CPO in the app, you notice it has grown significantly in the past week and is now way over your target. It might be smart to wait with your inventory order and see if you can get that CPO down to the safe zone before investing in new items.

See breakdown by country or shop

Perfect for e-commerce businesses that advertise in several countries. The app will serve you the product’s results for an individual country or shop, so you will be able to see how a product is performing in each market. Ready to zoom in?

Example: You advertise the same product on 10 different shops. When you check the product's overview, you can see that 2 of the shops are not making a profit (red numbers) and the ads need to be optimized, 6 are doing just fine (blue numbers) and 2 are excelling (green numbers) and are ready to be scaled. This not only saves you time, but prevents money loss and helps you find scaling opportunities faster. Ready to get into high gear?

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We love this feature. Seeing merged product's results means we can closely track our bestsellers and act on important changes ASAP, such as a drop in orders on a certain market. That saves us TONS of money, since we were able to optimize our largest budgets before making a loss. It also helped us perfect our purchasing workflow. Our purchasing department easily tracks a product's lifecycle and knows exactly if sales are dropping or growing. We have minimized our extra stock by a staggering 65% and thus improved cash flow significantly. We are also almost NEVER out of stock, because we can place orders when we see a product growing. Just amazing.

Rok Skupek

CEO, Lone Wolf

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