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Pixel data is never 100% accurate. ROAS monster avoids that by merging your actual sales figures and paid advertising results to calculate real ROAS and real CPO. Finally see your true results and avoid making your most important decisions based on inexact data.

When you optimize campaigns, you base your decisions on results.

But without exact data, you cannot expect steady results.

Facebook’s data is usually delayed and off by a variable percent. This means the campaign that you shut off could have actually been making you a profit, but you will never know that without your real ROAS or CPO.

Ready to stop guessing?

Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

Consolidate real ROAS and CPO from multiple sources.

Avoid wrong conversion count.

Stop making decisions based on inexact data.

See real-time results without delay.

Never doubt your performance again.

Get real, deviation-free results

Your ROAS and CPO calculated by advertising platforms can often be deceiving. ROAS monster shows you your real ROAS and CPO by combining your actual sales figures and paid advertising results.

Example: You are checking your results in your advertising platform and notice a boost in conversions. Normally, this would mean it is time to raise your budgets to boost profits. However, how can you be sure it is not just a twitch? If you scale a campaign that is not profitable, you will end up losing money. Since ROAS monster shows you real ROAS and CPO, you can simply compare results and see if that campaign is ready to scale or not.

Enjoy merged results from several ad accounts

Calculating ROAS and CPO from multiple accounts can be tricky. ROAS monster consolidates your data and serves you bottom-line ROAS and CPO for every product, country or shop.

Example: You have 2 Shopify stores and 3 custom e-shops with mostly the same products. In order to see your bottom-line results, you had to patch up numbers from 5 different sources to get an approximate idea of your success. ROAS monster can consolidate those numbers and serve you bottom-line ROAS and CPO - merged metrics you wouldn't be able to calculate on your own.

Find missed scaling opportunities

If you optimize ads based on ad platform’s inexact results, you are missing out on scaling ads that were actually performing better than you thought. ROAS monster shows you real exact results and allows you to make smarter decisions.

Stop money loss

You might notice your real ROAS and CPO differ from those calculated by Facebook or Google. This means you previously based all your decisions on inexact data and wasted your ad budget or stopped campaigns that were actually profitable.

Get timely real-time data

ROAS monster makes sure you get all your orders and metrics in real time. Stop waiting for delayed conversions and set priorities that matter right now.

Real people, real results

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Case study

See how this feature helped Benjamin

We advertise on Facebook with large budgets, so our primary focus is daily ad optimization. We were never 100% sure if our ad results were exact or not, which is why we sometimes turned off campaigns that were actually making us money or vice versa. Seeing our real ROAS and CPO was a game changer. We can now confidently optimize our ads and seeing the difference between Facebook’s results and ROAS monster’s results is making us see why we used to struggle with getting our scaling right.

Benjamin Perko

CEO, Amonto brands

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