Keep everyone in the loop

Use roles and permissions to share relevant information with team members and take a step towards a more functional workspace.

Improve team communication

Avoid unnecessary meetings

Keep all departments in the loop

Ease task distribution

Choose who sees what

Manage roles

Select who sees what and make your work more transparent. Make top-down communication a breeze by assigning roles to your team members and giving them access to all the information they need.

Preset roles

Assign your team members one of the preset roles, which only gives them access to the information they need. If you need to add or hide certain data, you can do so with just a click.

Roles: CEO, head of marketing, advertiser, purchasing department, data analyst, custom role

Directly assign tasks (coming soon)

By giving your team members access to ROAS monster’s data, you can assign tasks to them directly and give them a chance to see what is on their plate by just opening the app.

See how this feature helped Amonto brands

Our e-commerce company has 52 employees and it is a challenge keeping everyone up to date with our performance. Preset roles in ROAS monster allowed us to share only relevant information with different departments. I think we benefited most from giving our purchasing department access to product packs   they are now able to see exactly how a products is doing in general or in a certain market specifically. This optimized our purchasing process, saved us a lot of money and helped eliminate leftover inventory by approx. 40%, which is amazing.

Benjamin Perko

CEO, Amonto brands

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