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Smart renaming

Facebook ad results finally merged

If you make most of your sales on Facebook and spend your day scrolling through Ads Manager, this is a lifesaver. Get instant info about a campaign’s performance in its name without so much as a click.

Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

Easy-to-spot emojis for a quick grasp.

Understand campaign’s performance at a glance.

See your actual ROAS, CPO and orders.

No data deviation, only real data.

Immediate insight into current and past results.

Automatically rename campaigns with API

ROAS monster automatically renames your Facebook campaigns by adding past and current performance results, pulled from your shop. Get information that would previously take a couple of minutes of clicking and calculating to get.

Example: You want to check a campaign’s results in Ads Manager. Normally, you would have to select different time-ranges and combine the numbers in order to see how the results have changed in the past days. On top of that, pixel data may not be accurate, which may lead you in the wrong direction. ROAS monster automatically changes your campaign name and adds information about ROAS, CPO and sales, which means you can quickly see the trends for each campaign, save time and know which campaign needs your attention first. Deviation-free and ready to go.

See deviation-free data

Ads Manager’s data is often off by a certain percent or not completely up to date. ROAS monster calculates results based on your real-time shop results to avoid inaccurate attribution and delay.

Example: While checking sales in Ads manager, you may see that Facebook’s statistics records 20 sales while ROAS monster recorded 30. That significantly changes the value of ROAS and CPO and makes a difference when making decisions. Furthermore, seeing this month’s ROAS is 4.5, but this week's ROAS is lower, you might still want to put more effort in this campaign knowing it can make a good return and is able to sell. Having access to real data will eliminate doubt and allow you to make confident and quick decisions.

Benefit from easy-to-spot symbols

To make things even easier, ROAS monster marks your campaigns with emojis that immediately give you an idea of a campaign’s performance.

Prioritize your work

By simply logging in Ads Manager, you will immediately see which campaigns are in trouble, which ones are doing well and which ones need your attention.

Pick the most informative template

Not everyone needs the same information. Choose among several renaming templates to get the information that is most beneficial to you.

See how this feature helped Amir

One of the coolest features is for sure Smart renaming, which allows us to immediately see current and past stats in Ads Manager without having to switch time periods or waiting for the page to reload. We got so used to it that we can’t imagine going without it ever again. It makes setting priorities super simple and the emojis that mark the campaigns make it really easy to orientate.

Amir Salesevic

CEO, Nature One Love

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