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ROAS monster will identify all products, shops and landing pages that are over or under the line according to your target ROAS/CPO and puts them on the winner and loser list.

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This feature is a lifesaver for e-commerce businesses that sell products on several markets at once.

It makes it impossible to know exactly how each and every product is selling on an individual shop. Relying on your data analysts is a must, but the data you receive is often incomplete, inexact and never up-to-date.

ROAS monster shows you real-time results of all your products so you know exactly which ones are winning and which ones are losing.

What are winners?

Winners are all your profitable products, shops and countries, listed according to sales.

By seeing everything that is above your target ROAS or below target CPO, you can identify your main bestsellers, find overlooked money makers with small budgets and scale those to maximize your sales.

Example: Let’s say you sell 10 different products in 10 different countries on 10 different shops and 10 separate accounts, which makes for hundreds of combinations you need to track. You probably only manage to closely monitor a couple of bestsellers. With ROAS monster, you will see your bestsellers and identify all products that have high ROAS or low CPA, but have not been scaled yet. Discover hidden opportunities and boost revenue.

What are losers?

Losers are all your products, shops and countries that are generating a loss, listed according to sales.

By seeing everything that is below your target ROAS or above target CPO, you can see where you lose the most of your budget, identify hidden money eaters and focus on emergencies first.

Example: Let’s say you advertise 10 products on 10 different shops in several countries. That makes for a hundred combinations you need to track and check on daily. Instead of jumping from account to account to check performance, you will be able to see exactly where you are losing money and stop ads that are wasting your budget.

Ready to be amazed? Use this feature to:

Spot where you are making a profit or generating a loss.

Attend to your losers and stop money loss.

Scale your winners and boost revenue.

Discover overlooked successful products.

Locate all hidden money-eaters.

Follow changes through time and recognize trends.

Merge results from all your ad accounts.

Set target ROAS/CPO

Your targets let the app know what is good or bad. Targets can be set for individual products, product packs, shops or countries. All possibilities available.

Never overlook products

Discover new bestsellers that you might have not noticed or learn that a product you were betting on is actually not performing that great. Base all your decisions on real data and be confident about them.

Follow changes through time

Select a desired time frame and see which products have just started to misbehave and which have been generating a loss for a while now. Switching through different time periods only takes a second.

Quickly grasp major movements

See changes through time in scorecards, charts of graphs and learn about important ups or downs in a single scroll. To make things easy, we use:

  • red numbers for results that are generating a loss
  • blue numbers for results that match your target ROAS/CPO
  • green numbers for results that are generating a profit

Real people, real results

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Case study

See how this feature helped Rok

The thing that has strongly impacted our workflow was definitely winners and losers, which basically puts your shops and products in two categories and lists them by sales. We are now able to start our day focusing on campaigns that are generating a loss without having to scout Ads Manager to locate those. Great app!

Rok Skupek

CEO, Lone Wolf

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