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Getting data shouldn’t slow you down. That is why ROAS monster’s main mission is to show you all the results that you need to get ahead. By merging ad statistics and web shop results, you get a complete and never-before-seen overview of your performance.

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Do you know your business’ total ROAS?

Ready for a shakedown? Time to access your data on 4 levels.

Product overview

Zoom in and see how a product is doing on a specific shop. Get its merged advertising results instead of hunting through ad platforms to get those. Understand changes through time and have better control over the product’s success.

Shop overview

By pairing your ad spend and web shop sales stats, you will see real ROAS, CPO and advertising success of each product that your e-commerce platform does not offer.

Country overview

See all your shops and landing pages in a specific country and get important insight into that market. Learn about each country’s success and see specific results that can help understand that market better.

Total overview

Merge all your shops and ad accounts and see the bottom line of your business: total ROAS, CPO, sales, ad spend, order number, AOV, etc. Instead of clicking, calculating and adding up, simply open ROAS monster and see exactly where you stand.

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Benefit from merged data

ROAS monster merges all your results, even the metrics that are incompatible, converts currencies into your preferred one, calculates total ROAS and CPO and shows you all relevant stats for performance marketing.

Get key metrics for your business

See all results that are crucial for your business decisions (ROAS, CPO, number of new ads, orders, bestsellers etc.) on a ready-to-go dashboard, charts, graphs and other visuals. Make review meetings more productive, locate problems faster, and connect important peaks or downfalls to past events to better understand the reasons behind your changes.

Spot anomalies

Pixel data is not always 100% accurate. By including your web shop sales, ROAS monster calculates you real ROAS and CPO. This allows you to spot anomalies or twitches, quickly learn why your results are misbehaving and which task needs to be dealt with ASAP.

Get real-time results

Where else can you get bottom-line real-time results of your whole business? They are impossible to access, especially when dealing with several shops, landings, ad accounts and products. ROAS monster lets you see all important results in real time, easily switching through time periods and never having to wait to make a decision again. Remember, time is money.

Understand changes

ROAS monster puts all your results into perspective by comparing your real-time results to the ones from 24 hours ago. By seeing what your spend, orders, ROAS, or CPO was yesterday at the same time, you can learn whether this day is going good or bad and whether there is something unusual going on that requires your attention.

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See how this feature helped Rok

One of the coolest features is for sure Smart renaming, which allows us to immediately see current and past stats in Ads Manager without having to switch time periods or waiting for the page to reload. We got so used to it that we can’t imagine going without it ever again. It makes setting priorities super simple and the emojis that mark the campaigns make it really easy to orientate.

Rok Skupek

CEO, LoneWolf

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