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Full Google Ads insight

Advertising on different platforms is often chaotic. Google dashboard makes sure you get a full overview of all your Google Ads and never skip over that data again. Google dashboard shows you whether products or shops are generating a profit or a loss, so you can stop, optimize or scale your ads based on relevant data.

See consolidated Google results

Locate winning products to scale

Identify products that are wasting your budget

Merge Google ad results of individual products

Boost results by shutting off unprofitable campaigns

Gain full control over Google Ads

Get insight into Google stats that you previously had to extract. See ROAS, CPO, sales, spend and other key data for individual products or shops with just a click. Stop guessing and be confident in which ads to stop, optimize or scale.

Track goals

If you use target ROAS or CPO for individual products or shops, ROAS monster will evaluate your results according to your goals and show you where you are generating a profit or a loss on Google.

Enjoy merged product results

Instead of searching for individual products in Google Ads, ROAS monster automatically consolidates all campaigns (from all accounts) that relate to a certain product and serves you merged results. That way, you see a product’s bottom-line results.

Find your winners and losers

See your best and worst performing products. By understanding which products are making a profit or a loss, you can adjust your budgets and set priorities.

Example: Imagine advertising 50 products on Google Ads. Each of them has multiple campaigns (search, retargeting, display, etc.), so staying on top of results is a challenge, not to mention sticking to each product’s target ROAS or CPO. It is almost impossible not to overlook a couple of campaigns that are generating a loss. ROAS monster can give you the control that you are missing. It breaks down the success of each product and shop to give you a clear overview of where you are below or above your targets.

Real people, real results

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Case study

See how this feature helped Nature One Love

With so many Google campaigns, it is challenging to closely monitor each and every one, so this feature helps us quickly make sense of all our results. What we found especially helpful were the charts, which allowed us to scroll through the dates and see which budgets we haven’t touched in a while (but should have!) or where we were throwing money out the window. Even though Google only represents part of our revenue, those budgets still add up and it can be surprising to see how much money we were wasting before. ROAS monster helped us regain that control and increase our ROAS on Google by 27% on average.

Amir Salesevic

CEO, Nature One Love

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