Who are our users?

ROAS monster is a ROI optimization tool with features that benefit e-commerce companies, agencies and businesses with a focus on online ads.

Users that benefit greatly from ROAS monster usually have:

A strong focus on target ROAS or CPO

Ad budgets of $10k/month or above

+70% of sales generated from online ads

Multiple ad accounts

Multiple webshops

Products sold in multiple webshops or countries

Issues with dead stock

Multiple advertisers on their team

If you match any of the descriptions above, ROAS monster will be a GAME CHANGER for your business.

Our marketing monsters

See how ROAS monster helped e-commerce businesses:

This tool is exactly what large e-commerce businesses need. It literally has all the features needed for scaling your business easier and faster. Our company has often struggled with optimizing our inventory, we had a hard time realizing if the product is still selling or slowly dying, since we were selling it on various markets. We have been able to track just that with ROAS monster, ease our communication process with the purchasing department and eliminate surplus inventory.

Benjamin Perko, CEO, Amonto brands

It was the product pack feature that had us sold as soon as we tried out ROAS monster. Having the option of connecting all product's results from all accounts and platforms gives us a unified look into its life cycle. This alone helped us optimize our Facebook ads significantly, which is funny because we have previously spent multiple hours per week optimizing budgets. Since using ROAS monster, we no longer have the need to do that. It has saved us a lot of time and boosted our ROAS by 15% in the first month. Customer service is great, too.

Mario Gegic, CEO, MaxModi

The shift from our previous analytics tool to ROAS monster was mind blowing. We are now not only getting consolidated and cross-examined data, but also helpful input on how to boost our ads, see where we are losing money, help with task distribution, and even oversee inventory. It truly is an all-around app for any real e-commerce advertiser out there.

Rok Skupek, CEO, LoneWolf

For our company, it’s CPO that matters most. We have strictly set margins and cannot afford to go under the line. What we were missing was a tool that would focus on that and point out where we are drowning. Turns out ROAS monster was exactly what we were missing. No “empty” statistics, just numbers that really matter.

Amir Salesevic, CEO, Nature One Love

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