Secret allies: Google and Facebook ads

Still looking for “the one”? We’re not talking about your significant other. We are talking about your advertising other, if we may insert an obvious pun here (and if you’ve read any of our blogs, you know how much we like to do that).

Anyway, let’s talk business. In the world of digital marketing, there are multiple paths you can take. Today we will discuss two (still very) relevant advertising platforms – Facebook and Google – and weigh out their pros and cons.

Are you wondering which ads are more successful: Facebook or Google? Not sure if you should stick to one platform or advertise on both? Want to know if cross-channel advertising works for you?

Let’s find out!

Say you start advertising a product on Facebook and Google.

You set the target CPO (yay, you!) to $10. After a couple of days, you check your results.

While your Facebook campaign generated 1,000 orders, it spent $11,000, which means that you’ve exceeded your target CPO by $1. No bueno. You enter panic mode.

After that, you open Google Ads and see that this campaign generated only 400 orders, but your CPO is $5.

If you look at the two campaigns separately, you confidently come to the conclusion that one of them is winning at life and the other one isn’t. One of them is Beyonce, the other one is George Costanza.

How about digging deeper and combining the results from Google and Facebook? At this point, you see that you are actually making a lot of profit and you don’t need to turn off anything.



Sometimes a product is selling like hot cakes on Facebook, while giving you poor results on Google. And sometimes it’s vice versa. But here’s the thing: these two channels are often connected to one another.

What do we mean by that?

We’ll give you another example.

Let’s say you are launching a campaign for your product on Facebook. While this campaign drives a lot of traffic to your website, it does not generate a lot of conversions. Bummer. You decide to shut off the campaign.

Not so fast, matey.

The people who visited your product page may leave without purchasing anything, but here’s where Google comes in: your potential clients will start seeing the ads and we can say with confidence that A LOT of them will return to your website and eventually buy the product. Aaaah, the infinite beauty of REMARKETING.

In this case, the Google campaign might be performing splendidly, but if you shut the Facebook campaign off, you are at risk of stopping the website traffic and that might have terrible consequences for the Google campaign as well.

So do you see how your Facebook and Google ads worked together? One word:


Over the years, we’ve encountered a lot of people, who focused solely on one advertising platform. If we had a penny for every time we heard the phrase “meh, Google doesn’t work for me” or “Facebook doesn’t give me good results” … Man, we would have A LOT of pennies.

Most people decide to stop investing in the less profitable platform. And these people are losing a lot of opportunities. That basically means they lose money.

It is crucial to look at how different platforms affect and intertwine with each other. You have to do that if you want to start winning at life and become a Beyonce yourself.

So, now that you know that you have to combine your results, you might be wondering what would be the best way to do that.

Will you monitor your statistics based on products, shops, countries?

Will you use specific tools for that?

Will you calculate your results based on the results in your ad account or will you look at the actual number of orders and calculate your real ROAS?

(If you haven’t heard about the discrepancy between the conversions in Ads Manager and the actual sales results, we suggest you read all about it here.)

To be honest, a while back we were asking ourselves the same questions. Sometimes we were facing big dilemmas because we simply did not know if all of those campaigns were profitable.

So we decided to add a feature to ROAS monster that would combine your Facebook and Google results. This shows you your bottom-line numbers, not only from different accounts, shops, and countries but from different advertising platforms as well. You don’t have to wander in the dark anymore, because data doesn’t lie. ROAS monster gives you fresh and real-time results so that you always know how your business is doing. Easy and simple. Just the way we like it.

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