See how your team analyst is slowing down your business

If you make most of your profits from online ads, then you know that one of the essential parts of profitable advertising is having fresh results. If your e-commerce business has multiple shops, products, and ad accounts, that means it is almost impossible to be on top of all that data and you may need to rely on your team analyst - let’s call him Toby.

Toby spends his days gathering data from all your ad accounts, comparing them with your webshop results, and preparing reports that help you see where your business stands and how you may need to adjust your strategy.

The problem with Toby is that he doesn’t work weekends – like most employees. So you probably get Friday’s results on Monday.

No biggie, you’re already used to that.

But last week, Toby came down with the flu and was out of the office for 4 days. What happened to your analysis? You probably tried to check results by yourself, got lost in several ad accounts, drowned in multiple excel sheets, and by the time you got around to start optimizing …

Poof! There went your marketing budget.

Since you advertise online, you know that time is money, as cliche as it sounds. Basing your decisions on past (and therefore irrelevant) data, is dangerous. You need to optimize your campaigns based on current results in order to prevent money loss and scale successfully.

What we’re saying is: you snooze, you lose.

What we’ve learned:

  • If you want to succeed in the e-commerce world, you need up-to-date results
  • By the time your analyst prepares a report, the data becomes irrelevant
  • Basing decisions on past data equals lost money

Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could get your hands on all your results in one place? Even better: they would be refreshed every few minutes and neatly organized, merged, broken down, or however else you want them? Oh, wait. We can make that happen.

Meet ROAS monster

a marketing tool that merges all your advertising data – all your platforms, accounts, shops; and shows real-time results at any time, any place.

The tool refreshes every few minutes and saves you from waiting on weekly reports from your analyst. It’s like having Toby send you a full report on all your shops, products, and accounts every 3 minutes. We’re pretty sure that’s impossible. No offense, Toby.

Oh, wait, there’s more.

ROAS monster also identifies:

  • all non-profitable campaigns
  • finds hidden scaling opportunities
  • shows the success of each advertiser
  • + much, much more

You will never have to blindly optimize your ads and make risky decisions again.

Sounds exciting, right?

That’s because it is. Not to mention we offer a 30-day free trial. So go ahead and give Toby that vacation he has been bugging you about, while you focus on boosting your ROAS.

Forget passive analytics.

You can use ROAS monster for free for 30 days.

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