Shopify + ROAS monster, a perfect pair

If you are an e-commerce advertiser that uses Shopify as their platform, we’re here to make things easier.

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Shopify users, listen up!

ROAS monster connects your advertising data to your Shopify products, which will significantly ease your advertising analysis and help make smarter decisions based on verified and real-time results.

The features you will enjoy

Product overview

Sometimes extracting bottom-line results of a product is hard, due to a sea of ads and campaigns.

Product overview offers total sales and advertising results of a product, so you basically get bottom-line performance on a product level. Super helpful for understanding your ROI of individual products.

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Winners & Losers

If you sell multiple products, you might have a different break-even ROAS or CPO for each of them.

ROAS monster will display your winning and losing products according to those targets. That way you will know exactly where you are making or losing money.

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Product pack

If some of your products are sold on multiple Shopify stores, we’ve got good news for you.

ROAS monster merges a product’s results from all shops or ad accounts, so you get a full overview of a its success and can track trends through time.

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A major change for advertisers is seeing their real ROAS and CPO instead of relying on pixel data.

ROAS monster connects your Shopify data and advertising results, which means it uses your actual conversion count and serves you your real ROAS and CPO.

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See how ROAS monster helped other Shopify users

“This tool helped us out tremendously. Our advertising platforms are messy: we use several advertisers for Google and Facebook, which means we have numerous campaigns for the same product. Therefore, getting bottom-line results of products has been a hassle. ROAS monster allowed us to have a product-based overview of our sales AND advertising results. It’s like looking at Shopify, but with advertising results. It not only saved us tons of time but allowed us to achieve better performance and lower CPO.”

Mario Gegic, CEO, MaxModi

“The setup was super simple - we connected our ad accounts and Shopify store and were good to go. Amazing tool if you want to have a cost-attributed overview of your products. SInce using it, our ROI went up by 20% at least.”

Amir Salesevic, CEO, Nature One Love

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