The office champion: who is your best advertiser?

To start this blog off, we will play the game “I spy”. We’ll go first. We spy with our little eye a little marketer who wants to know how their employees are performing. You spy with your little eye someone who is going to give you an answer to that.

As a marketing agency or head of marketing, you employ people who create Facebook or Google ads for your product(s). These are the people who open Ads Manager, design a pretty picture, and write an engaging copy. And then hope to generate as many clicks and as many conversions as possible. For the sake of this blog, we will simply call them advertisers.

Let’s assume you employ more than one advertiser. And they create ads on a bajilion different shops and a bajilion different accounts and frankly, you are not really sure whether they are individually generating a profit or a loss. We know it’s hard to keep everything on your radar. But naturally, you need to know which one of your advertisers has the highest ROAS, the lowest CPO, and generates the largest amount of orders.

By now you know that the easiest and fastest way to track your advertiser’s results is by using ROAS monster. It merges all of your advertiser’s results from different accounts faster than you can say cookie.

And frankly, it just saves you a LOT of time and a LOT of money. Because time is money, my friend. And money is… well, money.

We need to keep it real. Say - what would Destiny’s Child be without Beyonce? Or Seinfeld without Kramer? Or The Office without Michael Scott? You see what we are getting to, right?

Still not sure? Let’s look at a couple of real-life examples when ROAS monster might save your pretty little behind from making the wrong decision and losing lots of money.

Let’s go!

When you are hiring someone

Your company is making mad sales and it’s time to employ some new people. You are looking for the mac to your cheese. The Robin to your Batman. Okay, you get the gist. After reading a ton of resumes, you narrow it down to two people - Jim and Dwight. They both have a lot of experience and they both claim their ads convert like crazy. You test them both for a week and after that, you want to check the results from all of your different accounts. How? You just open ROAS monster and…


The results are served to you on a silver platter. You immediately see who has the highest ROAS, generates the largest amount of orders, and creates the biggest number of ads per day. You just saved your precious time and money by:

  • Immediately getting your results.
  • Getting to know which one of the applicants is ACTUALLY better.

You are welcome.

When you want to promote someone

Let’s move on. With the help of ROAS monster, you have been able to select the best advertisers, put together an awesome team and now you are making more money than ever. Um, excuse me, is this the roas to AWESOMEVILLE? Pardon, we meant the road - road to AWESOMEVILLE. So, with your company growing, you will need to put some new people in charge. But all of your employees are so great, so how are you gonna decide which one deserves this promotion?


You’ve guessed it. Now you can make an informed decision based on real results. ROAS monster will tell you which one of your advertising stars shines the brightest.

So go buy a bottle of chardonnay and tell your best employee a promotion is coming their way. *Yes, we can rhyme too.*

When you are working remotely

2021 was such a fun year for us all, right? Kidding.

A lot of companies had to implement a totally new system, close down the office, and start working remotely. Was it challenging? Noooooo, absolutely not. *sarcasm off* In case a global pandemic hits us again in a couple of years (dear lord, we hope not) or you decide that you prefer working remotely altogether, you need to follow your teammates and learn about their productivity. How? Oh no, here it comes again…


You just open ROAS monster and see how your advertisers are performing at home. With just one click you can learn about how many ads per day they create and compare their results in the office and at home.

You can relax now, working remotely got nothing on you!

When you want to motivate your advertisers

Andy is one of your employees and every day he gets to create new ads. He loves his job, but sometimes it feels a bit repetitive to him. You might say he lost his focus. What should you do? Is there a way to motivate him?


Your firm starts using ROAS monster and you enable your advertisers to see their results. Andy suddenly gets an insight and sees how well he is actually performing. Holly-molly, look at how great his overall results are. He must be doing something right. Upon seeing this, he gets a new dose of drive. And here it goes, you have an employee that:

  • Will eventually be more motivated.
  • Will perform better in the long run.

After reading all of this you are probably a bit confused. So let’s just pinpoint a couple of things that will happen, once you start using ROAS monster’s features. You will:

  • Save your time and get insight into your advertiser’s results from different accounts.
  • Save your company’s money by immediately identifying who is making a profit and who is generating a loss.
  • Motivate your employees to perform better by giving them insight into their work.

Do we need to say more?

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