The solution for iOS 14 and Facebook Ads is here

Lately, the advertising world has been busy talking about the impact iOS14 update will have on Facebook Ads. We have a solution for you. Keep reading.

What does the iOS 14 update mean for Facebook advertisers?

If you’d like to get into the nitty-gritty, Facebook released a full statement. But for those short on time, here’s a quick summary:

Apple’s newest update to iOS 14 impacts the way Facebook is able to receive and process conversion events from Facebook pixel. This means that any business that optimizes, targets, and reports on web conversion events is hugely affected.

Subtitles, anyone?

There was already a discrepancy between conversions Ads Manager and the actual sales results before the update. After the update, that difference has become even more obvious. To put it plainly: advertising after the iOS 14 update is like judging a beauty pageant blindfolded. Yep, it’s this big.

It’s no secret that the iOS 14 update brings tracking problems, especially if you do performance advertising and rely heavily on ROAS or CPO. If your conversion count is wrong due to delayed results, so are your ROAS and CPO. This seriously impacts your optimizing process and makes you waste your budget or skip on scaling opportunities. Either way, no bueno.


Imagine Facebook reporting 100 conversions, when you in fact have 130. That means your CPO showed up higher than it actually was. Not good for optimizing.

There is a way out: have your team analyst manually check your order number in your shop at all times … or simply use ROAS monster.

Even the best advertisers can’t be successful if they optimize based on the wrong results. So how to avoid going crazy like Jack from The Shining? We were getting to that.

The solution is simple.

If you need accurate fresh results, which Facebook can no longer provide in a reasonable time, you need to merge your actual orders and Facebook’s ad results to calculate real ROAS and CPO.

Wouldn’t that take me forever to do, you might ask?

Lucky for you, ROAS monster can handle that for you - for all your products, shops, and ad accounts, actually.

ROAS monster is a BI tool for e-commerce high spenders that base their advertising on target ROAS or CPO.

It merges actual sales numbers (fetched directly from your shop) and paid advertising results, bypasses inaccurate conversion count, and serves you real ROAS and real CPO (along with a bunch of other helpful stats).

Optimize based on real results, drop that blindfold for good and stay one step ahead of your competition.

Base your advertising decisions on accurate real-time numbers, so you can continue to bring home the bacon. Or kale. If you’re vegan.

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